Taking the energy transition into your own hands

Tailwind is a platform for the joint operation of wind turbines by companies and citizens.

We make it possible for each individual to take part in the energy transition and to receive a profit.

TAILWIND tokenization

How it works

How the Tailwind platform works

We connect wind turbine operators with citizens and companies as investors in order to jointly finance and operate wind turbines. We offer a platform for everyone to participate actively in the shift to renewable energies and ear money!

Citizens and companies

You as a citizens or companies can become investors in wind turbines starting with as little as 50€. With just a few clicks, you can participate in wind turbine projects, earn an return, produce your own green energy and therefore reduce your CO2-footprint.

Are you interested? Please join the investor waiting list here to participate in our first projects expected in early 2023.

Wind turbine operator

You as a wind turbine operators are the issuers of the wind turbines. Through the Tailwind platform, we enable a simple way to finance your wind turbine. By financing it through citizens and companies, we simultaneously increase the acceptance of the population and thus accelerate the entire project development.

Interested? Please enter your contact information in the list for interested operators.


The Tailwind platform in detail

The Tailwind platform is based on tokenization, a digital representation of an asset. In our case, the digital representation of one or more wind turbines. This approach offers tangible advantages for both operators and investors:


Reduce costs



Tokenization simplifies the entire investment process. Tokenization makes it possible to reduce the number of intermediaries and to map the investment process simply, digitally and securely.

Reduce costs

This simplification reduces costs, speeds up the process and prevents human errors.


Tokenization offers a high degree of transparency, as transactions that determine ownership are stored transparently, traceably and immutably on a secure public database (blockchain). Accordingly, tokenization is particularly suitable to jointly finance and ultimately operate large investment objects such as wind turbines.


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